Working safely at BSF during the Covid-19 outbreak

Health and safety safeguards are integral to every one of our projects at BSF Group. We’re used to working at height, with heavy (…)

We’re used to working at height, with heavy materials and equipment in complex environments and when working on a site we have a duty of care to our installation team, other contractors and members of the public who may come into close proximity. However, during the Covid-19 outbreak, we’re taking extra precautions to help manage the specific risks caused by the virus. We’re ensuring we can continue to work safely and protect our staff and those around us while at the same time delivering on projects for clients.


Our Covid-19 safety measures

We are following the guidelines issued by the Government and monitoring our work practices on a regular basis for updates. Our first duty is to provide a working environment that offers as much protection as possible to everyone who we come into contact with. Based on this guidance and our understanding of our own working environments, we made the following enhancements to our working practices:


  • Completing risk assessments for each aspect of our business (manufacturing, sales, installation, office) to ensure we have the right protection measures in place
  • Ensuring all staff are aware of precautions that must be taken when onsite with clients or working near the public
  • Ensuring staff are kept informed of the required hygiene standards
  • Implementing social distancing measures throughout our sites
  • Ensuring we have the capacity to deal with as many customer queries as we can via the phone and online to reduce unnecessary direct contact
  • Providing PPE to our staff to use when necessary on client sites and in our own premises
  • Increasing cleaning in our premises to ensure all areas are sanitized thoroughly
  • Providing staff with hand sanitizers
  • Ensuring our staff are taking care of themselves and remaining at home if they show any Covid-19 symptoms


Safety first, always

The nature of the work we do means that we assess risks to health and safety on a daily basis as we start work on a new site, manufacture new products or welcome visitors to our premises.

In every situation, health and safety are paramount. Each member of our team takes their personal responsibility seriously and we are fortunate that in these unusual times when each of us has to take extra care, our team continues to do what’s necessary to protect each other and those around them.


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