Below you'll find answers to the questions we get about the most about BSF Group products and manufacturing.

What colours do you offer?

We appreciate that clients want to create a great look for their shopfronts and entrances and our design process facilitates you achieving your desired look. We also know that colour can be integral to helping you achieve your bespoke design. Our powder coating allows you to include corporate colours from any the range of standard RAL colours, with special colours and anodising finishing also available on request.

Do we require any planning permission from the council?

If you have any questions regarding planning permission or believe this is something that may be required for your project, this will be something you or your architect will need to check. This can be done by approaching your local council where the work is to be carried out. We advise that any questions regarding planning permissions should be raised and answered in the early stages of a project.

Can you provide us with architect’s drawings?

We don’t provide architectural drawings but we do offer clients with our in-house CAD design service.  With the latest CAD technology, we can create accurate and realistic renditions of the design so that clients can see what their project will look like ahead of time. This lets us make changes to the design early on in the process and provide an accurate costing of materials, which saves you money and time.

Are you a main contractor?

BSF Group is not a main contractor. We work in close partnership with main contractors, helping them achieve their client’s ambitions. We also work closely with fabricators, architects, retailers, developers, local authority and office or building groups. These connections and our experience mean we are considerate of all project stakeholders’ perspectives and needs and our effective project management is key in helping deliver many large, complex projects to schedule.

Do you work for larger companies on much larger scale projects?

The array of sectors we work in means we are experienced in designing, supplying and installing on projects that range from an individual residential property to a modern, large-scale commercial building and everything in between. Our in-house manufacturing and powder coating capacity means we can offer clients competitive prices on all projects and on a range of solutions from bi-folding doors to curtain walling systems and glazed roofs.

How long should I expect my project to take?

How long it takes to complete a project will greatly depend on the scale of the project. Before starting, we will discuss with client the timelines they need to work towards, product lead times and plans for delivery and product installation. Our extensive experience and on-site project managers with wide project management skills ensure that we drive towards our agreed deadlines. We’ve built a name for frequently exceeding client expectations.

Do you fit uPVC windows and doors?

We carry out installations of uPVC, timber, aluminium and frameless systems which offer clients a range of design options. Each will bring its own distinctive qualities and performance specifications to a project and can have a dramatic impact on the final aesthetic look of a building project. Our design team is on hand to discuss these different options for doors and windows and what they could bring to your project.

Do you fit Curtain Walling?

Yes. The BSF Group are approved Manufacturers and Installers of Schueco, Reynaers and Comar Systems. Curtain walling enables us to construct sheer or high rise as well as sloped and inclined facades. We can provide all specifications, structural calculations, wind loads and all design aspects for any project. Our experience in curtain walling means we can offer architects a custom-made solution with the reassurance of our considerable expertise.

What is your current lead time from drawing approval?

Once drawings have been approved our current lead time is one to four weeks.  We work closely with our clients on design to achieve their precise project specifications and this bespoke nature of our products means the lead times will vary depending on the specifications. We will ensure that you are made aware early on in the process of the anticipated lead time and strive to help clients meet their deadlines, or even exceed them if possible.

How does your product interface with associated trades?

We will coordinate between architect drawings, our own in-house CAD design and where necessary, will also have input from structural engineers. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach and appreciate how important it is at every stage of a project to deliver a smoothly run project and avoid project pitfalls. We ensure our products can easily and successfully integrate into your project by ensuring close contact with associated trades.

Which geographical areas do you cover?

We are nationwide. During our 30 years of business, BSF Group has established a name through the implementation of bespoke designs up and down the country. Our portfolio of clients continues to grow across many sectors, including, education, commercial, healthcare industrial and residential. Our nationwide services are delivered by an experienced array of staff ranging from technically trained manufactures and installers to a customer friendly sales team and innovative designers.

Can you do structural glazing

Yes, we can. Innovations in glazing and architectural design make structural glazing an incredibly exciting prospect for anyone wishing to achieve a modern, distinctive and eye-catching facade for their building. These cutting-edge facades have no visible aluminium site lines, are thermally efficient and offer design flexibility. BSF Group can assist with the design of the structural glazing and provide specifications, structural calculations and wind loads for any project.

Can I have a glazed roof?

Yes you can. Our roof glazing products create a fully glazed roof in any space or room.  Glazed roofs are particularly popular for internal rooms where external windows are too far away or where windows may be restricted so that roof glazing is the best solution to allow the maximum amount of natural light to enter a space. Glass technology can now keep a space under a glass roof warm and comfortable whatever the external climate.

Can you do Radiused Facades?

Yes, we can. It’s exciting, the design opportunities a radiused façade can offer and we are always pleased to discuss these product options, their specifications and how they can be integrated into your project design. For architects, these products open up the design opportunity to create unique features for a truly distinctive building. Our experienced designers can help you to utilise a radiused facade to its full effect.

Are you SBD compliant?

Yes we are. Secure By Design compliance means we incorporate security and crime prevention methods into our designs and specifications at every stage. Our products meet required standards of performance with regards to security and understand the value our clients put on feeling secure by helping to safeguard their properties. We are happy to discuss our SBD compliance in relation to our products so our clients can be reassured of their security.