At BSF, we’re getting back to work

The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the UK economy has been huge. Recent figures report that the UK economy has shrunk by over 20% in April.

But as lockdown eases, everyone at BSF Group continues to take measures to protect ourselves, our team, our friends and families against infection but we’re also looking for ways of returning to work and helping to rebuild the UK economy.


Working during lockdown

During lockdown, construction has been one of the few sectors that’s been able to continue working while following the government’s guidelines on safe working. At all times we’ve been able to carry on supporting clients to get their priority projects finished while ensuring the safety of our workers and our clients.

Specific actions we took during lockdown included:

  • Supporting clients online through phone and virtual meetings
  • Managing visitors to our offices in line with social distancing rules
  • Training staff in new working practices and wellbeing awareness
  • Providing PPE equipment when necessary
  • Extra cleaning of our offices, manufacturing and public areas
  • Ensuring full project planning before we go onsite so that installation runs efficiently, to time and adhering to new health practices


Now that lockdown continues to ease and we can see more businesses starting to return to normal activity so we’re reviewing our working practices and the support we give to our staff, suppliers and clients to help everyone get back to work.


Moving forward

As we move back towards working at full capacity, our first priority will continue to be the wellbeing of our staff, customers, suppliers and the public. We’ll continue monitoring Government guidelines as they change to ensure our practices are aligned with new rules. We will also work with all our teams so they continue to be aware of Covid19 symptoms and the self-isolating actions they need to take if they feel unwell while at work.  

By looking after our team and taking a proactive approach to managing how we work within these new rules, we believe this is the best approach to take to make sure our business, and that of our clients and suppliers, can get going again.

By supporting each other we can help everyone reinvigorate and restore our economy.

 If you would like to discuss how we can support your planned construction project, then we’re open and ready to work with you in a safe and efficient way.


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